Mystic Garden introduces the latest innovation
in landscaping accessories.

The Mystic Garden cascading dishes provide a unique and attractive replacement to conventional eaves trough splash blocks at the bottom of downspouts. When placed under the downspout, they look like a beautiful garden fountain with the gentle sound of a waterfall when it rains.

Easy to Use

Simply remove your old leaf-clogged ground splash block and arrange the three poles and dishes at the bottom of the downspout. Push each of the sturdy metal poles into the ground 17" apart with each pole 3" lower than the previous one. Place a dish on the top of each pole. The water from the downspout will flow away from the house uninterrupted.

Strong and Durable

These durable heavy-duty plastic dishes measure 18" in diameter with a spout on one side to direct the water flow into the adjacent dish. Their natural tone blends into your garden landscaping and complements any style of architecture. The sturdy rust-proof metal poles can easily be pushed into the ground and used over and over.

Complete Installation Instructions