Maintenance & Protection


Traditional drainage splash block are heavy to move and leave an unsightly spot in the lawn. They can become overgrown, leaving the lawn looking unkempt. Grounds keeping around the Mystic Garden cascading dishes is easy and trouble free. Simply pull the dishes and stakes out of the ground and set aside. Dishes are easily reinserted into the original holes saving time and frustration.

  • Remove and reinstall in seconds
  • Easily accessible with lawnmower, etc.
  • Spray clean with garden hose


Water that drains too close to the foundation of your house can cause a wet or damp basement, crumbling to the brick or block foundation material and damage to building siding.

Our Garden Dishes ensure that excess drainage is carried over 4 feet away from the walls of your house. You will find that the Garden Dishes out-perform typical cement splash blocks or aluminum pipes and have a much more attractive appearance.


  • Drains water away from the foundation
  • Water does not pool in dishes
  • Helps to keep basement dry all year
  • Helps to protect siding and brick
  • Prevents garden and foundation erosion

Complete Installation Instructions